(intro to) Black Body Radiation

whoa… I had it on just a split second…w-w-when am I?



The Man in the Blue Turban

Leaves rustling  under a moonless cloudy night preceded the strange sudden brilliance of white.  So white  one could not  help but look away from it, yet slowly began to collapse into  a tight form.   Meanwhile a strange high pitch became audible- decreasing  into  lower and lower octaves as the brilliant shape emerged.  Its near-blinding  electric blue radiating atop  the illuminated shape now identifiable. The silhouetted form  crouching…now slowly rising, was a man.  This blue beacon  emanates from his  hat…more precisely, his turban.

His age is  hard to  determine, skin  far from smooth, yet the lines  seem  more from lack of protection from the elements versus old age, he moves with the vitality of a younger man, and move he does quickly up the  path, the middle of which he did  coalesce.  He is obviously  aware enough of  what surrounds him yet cautiously  he casts his view about  as he travels.  This path he knows well,  as this is not the  first time upon it.  It is  the third, the final if  his habits allow one to predict this, ratiocination based upon  syllogism deduced from repeated, nearly to the minute, performances.  No need to follow him closely, knowing very well  to where he  climbs, any second now he will vanish into the darkness which  moments before  was interrupted. Just before this the turban will evanesce to black,  there will be  no  visual sign of how this elusion is made.  The man  must  feel pretty smug about  giving  everyone the slip once again.  In pursuit my presentiment cannot hold me back for even a split second.   If I am wrong,  I am dead wrong.

In scientific experiments you learn to check and double check all the variables to  ensure predictability.  The discipline  of  this to prevent  taking anything  for granted that may  potentially alter the  outcome.  This  is  one procedure I’ve rehearsed so many times.  Each time  methodically wiping any trace of  my involvement.   Having a run of inexplicable results each further and further away from  predicted, I set up in stealth a system of  small video cameras with motion detection triggers.  Having convinced myself the reason my effort was not producing the results anticipated due to sabotage.   One evening I noticed the cameras, I’d completely forgotten all about  them!   Thank goodness I’d failed to remember checking-   these memory cards showed  the  man in a  black turban in  my lab  changing the calibrations on my sensors to read  off center-line, entering the lab to  lead me on  goose chase after goose chase.  They also gave away his pattern of follow-up visits to  which  I also noticed  his solutions occurred in  reverse sequence to the actual  remedies I’d been applying  to get back on track!   In the flash of a Eureka moment I knew I was dealing with a visitor from future time.  He was checking  to see if  he’d been caught on to;  if he felt he was he’d come 2 days earlier and again 10 days earlier than that just in case, to fix what he needed to!

What ever  I did,  he’d just arrive sooner and  better me …and pretend I  did not know what was happening, allowing him to  lead me closer and closer each time  to  him.  Meanwhile I developed a detector to  track his energy signature I’d been capturing.  He indifferent or   knowing what it was, I’d passed it off as  noise or  some anomaly  to my calibration error – -and to aid  this detection, doped  the case of  one of the memory cards with an isotope of rare earth  to doubly increase my ability to follow the breadcrumbs to this  Ozark  area nearby to where I sit right now… I  saw him appear myself  10 days ago…I knew he’d come tonight- he follows the same  2 days & 2days sooner then 10 days sooner routine! I also know why he  uses the cave here to  remain undetected.  After seeing him return after the 12 day ago & 2 day ago pattern again,  I  knew he’d be back tonight- he was just at my lab sometime from now checking on something I’ve made him suspicious with – –  and he needs to  get there using something in the cave, something I saw the other day, but I’ve  removed a few parts from  his machine this morning… and  need to  catch him before he  goes back sooner to  kill  my element of surprise!blue turban

I check my gear, I  double check  my grip and  prepare to jump from the top of  the high platform.  This tree stand  has been here for months,  I’ve  watched  that turban fade twice before from this perch, switching to the nigh vision scope  I finally saw  his entrance  to the cave just a dozen days ago, and again two nights ago.  Now he’s just entered again as I tuck it away and pull out the  infra-red goggles I’ll alternate to for the hands free convergence ahead.  Even though I’ve practiced this zip-line routine  blindfolded,  my heart is pounding  and my legs are turning to rubber.  It’s three, always three I  mentally  repeat this mantra as the wind   and  quiet whirr of the pulley  remind me  this leap of faith will be coming to, too soon,  the finality  of  monstrous proportion.

My feet are automatically  in motion as the ground  arrives and I  make my way down the short path to my  destiny.   I scan  360° and  nothing but a small heat signature about 100 yards  up the  opposite hillside, no doubt a coyote.  I duck behind the  manicured   blackberry thicket I’d prepared to  make my way in for the surprise visit.  Carefully zipping the flap closed behind me, to prevent any potentially  compromising cognition like noticeable pressure  changes or  a sudden breeze.  I’m in a  modified  tent, moving  carefully to  preserve the integrity of  the makeshift seal.  I  quietly  open  opposite zipper, the  way into the  side tunnel and drop the prepared line to rappel to the floor of the  cavern.   I clip my belay onto  a carabiner on front of my harness, and  loop  the rope through it before clipping this loop onto  the ‘biner and go over the edge.

The cavern is  fairly large and  on the far end  of its horseshoe shape  lies  the apparatus  my bearded turban wearing  friend is about to fire up, well  he’s about to try… btw  the loud noise we’re about to hear  will be the crashing down  of the  entrance he uses to get in and out… he has no place to go and you can also say he  has no time to get there…

After the explosion’s dust settles a bit  he hears coughing and shines a lamp my direction through the still thick  air, I follow his light to  aim to hit him with a Taser and knock him down long enough to zip-tie his wrists  together, then I do the same for his ankles before he speaks…

“Demain, au soleil levant je ne serais plus”

and I reply,

“Nice to meet you Michel de Nostredame”

I wonder  about these  fake  psychics

He never saw this one coming,

~ ∆٩

Chapter II     Black Body Radiation   coming soon!

Alpha Waves

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Alpha Waves.
When we relax or meditate, our brain is producing ‘Alpha’ waves (electromagnetic energy at 8-12 Hz)-  Zen-trained meditation masters produce noticeably more alpha waves during meditation.  I  feel we are not producing these….merely channeling energy present to us once we’ve dialed in.

Our earth’s diameter produces a standing half-wave of roughly the same magnitude 11.7 Hz.  What’s interesting  to me being the fact our earth produces and transmits alpha waves just before major earthquakes .01-10 Hz too & animals are  proven to show signs of anxiety right before them too-  when cats are trained to withhold motor movement, for example, they released SMR, or mu, waves, a wave similar to alpha waves. My theory is our relaxed meditative state allows ourselves to tap into the  earth’s resonant low frequency to a point we can  ‘tune’ in to what  it has to tell us.  While  many around us…

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Marthia Sides

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Some Assembly Required

The multi-talented country singer/songwriter puts the pieces of success together with her latest radio single “Some Assembly Required,” Helmed by superstar producer Kevin Beamish (Reo Speedwagon, Kenny Chesney, Martina McBride.)

The Virginia-Born performer had a successful career off Broadway and in TV and film before launching her music career after a chance encounter with a songwriter while shooting the CMT reality show “Popularity Contest”

“Some Assembly Required” by Marthia Sides is more than simply a witty and rollicking new single about the frustrations of finding a perfect man. Its title is also a spot on reflection of the many different ways to approach the story of the multi-talented, classically trained singer/songwriter’s rise as an indie artist since the release of her 2006 debut Born Again In The Country.

But perhaps the most intriguing part of Sides’ story is how a multi-talented performer who lived in New York…

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